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3rd Quarter 2020 Fun Times

Hey Everybody,

I think its been about 6 months since I wrote the last blog from Miller's, My intent was to try and get a monthly newsletter out highlighting some of the cool products that Miller's sells. However, While its no excuse COVID has put everything a bit behind the 8 ball.

While the pandemic races along we at Millers continue to push forward as well, we have been continually making upgrades and changes to the current website in order to get all our products highlighted and back online. While there are many items out there we still have over 1/3 left to update and make active.

We have introduced new kits and kit pricing online where you can look up your kit and buy only the items out of it that you need omitting anything that you have already purchased.

We have been releasing bi-weekly ads for items that are on sale in order to highlight items we may have on hand and items that are back in stock after being NLA for a long time. We have also started making a few of our previous items once again in order to bring stock back up.

Additionally, we have added many other URL's that work in conjunction with Millers Online. These are smaller subshops of the larger Millers online however have narrower parts scopes for specific vehicles and chassis. While they are not complete by any means we will continue to work on them to bring them up to speed along with the updates for Miller's Inc. 

You also can find us at the following places. please click through you will end up in a safe place.


We will be updating more as time passes along. This is one of our largest updates to date and has taken more time than we anticipated.

We have added many limited item NOS parts to the inventory as we had acquired a stash of parts. These items are NOS and have the packaging to prove it. As we add items to inventory they will show up on our website. They may or may not have pictures so if you find an item you would like to see before purchase give Mike or I a call and we will see if we can get something out there for you. We have also acquired a stash of used parts mostly for the 108 and 113 chassis with a few other odds and ends from other models mixed in. These items still need to be inventoried and added to the website and ebay. Items that are salvageable will be rebuilt and sold. Others may only be good for cores or possibly for the skilled folks that wish to take on a self restoration of things like knobs clocks instruments etc.


Finally, I would personally like to thank all those folks that have supported Miller's Inc. over the years and continue to come back and see us for their parts needs. We continue to be excited to hear from you and to assist you in finding the parts you need for your current restoration or for simple day to day maintainence Items. We have an amazing staff and we continue to strive to be the best in an ever changing industry and without all of you we would not be here today.


Thank You

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