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Product information "REBUILT T50 POPPET VALVE"

ATE T50 Booster Poppet Valve Housing

The goal for the ATE T50 poppet valve housing project is to provide a turnkey solution for failed poppet valves. The end result is a rebuilt housing that is complete, preassembled, tested and ready for installation.

Nested inside the rebuilt housing, is a newly designed poppet valve that is an improvement over the factory valve. The new design has the following attributes:

- Teflon® atmospheric seal is very long lived and will not compression set or harden like rubber. It is also not affected by UV or by brake fluid.

- Atmospheric seal has a unique cone shape that provides maximum sealing at an angle. This eliminates the cumbersome “flexible shaft” factory design.

- Teflon® seal also incorporates a bearing surface that guides the valve throughout it full travel. The bearing eliminates side to side movement and misalignment.   

- The improved valve design can be disassembled if needed unlike the factory valve with a crimped cable.

 Housings are cleaned, inspected and are then modified to accept the new valve. This process involves machining a new seat in the housing which eliminates any concern of a damaged seat due to corrosion. This process allows old discarded housings to be used again.

Before being shipped, every rebuilt housing is mounted to a working ATE T50 booster and then evaluated on a booster test stand. This verifies that each poppet valve housing works as new.

Because the poppet valve housing is being reused, housings must be sent in as a core. Housings can be furnished with the standard yellow plated finish or a natural aluminum finish. Today, most boosters are seen with the natural housing finish. However there is much evidence to support that most housings came with a yellow plated finish. That yellow finish may have simply faded and why it appears as natural aluminum.

Housings are returned with a new air filter and properly plated metal screens and clips. The air pipe elbow is also correctly plated and installed.   

Removing the old housing and preparing the core for shipment

- Loosen, but do not remove all five housing attaching machine screws. Continue to loosen all of the screws in an alternating pattern. Use penetrant if screws are stubborn and be careful not to break the screws in the booster casting.

- Fully remove all five screws and pull housing away from the booster casting allowing the air pipe elbow to release from the rubber hose connector. Leave air pipe attached to the housing.

- NOTE: Some models have an optional diaphragm compression spring. This spring assists the diaphragm in returning to the rest position. Retain this spring for future installation.

- Prepare the housing for a return core. See below what to include and what to retain.

Send with the housing core:

·        Housing with poppet valve

·        (2) round metal screen discs

·        (2) Screen disc retaining clips

·        Old air filter

·        Vacuum pipe elbow with screw plug

Retain for later installation:

       ·        Rubber hose connector for air pipe elbow

       ·        Diaphragm and housing gasket

       ·        Optional diaphragm compression spring

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